This page begins with a two volume set titled:Arching Tales, A Generation’s Support of People with Disability in the United States. This account is being released in sections, beginning with the early chapters of Volume 1: subtitled – Letting Life In.

Entry Title:  Arching Tales, A Generation’s Support of People With Disability in the United States, written by Dana Olsen, 2012. The book is currently unpublished and being released exclusively over this website.

Volume I:  The Early Years and Letting Life In

1st release:  Table of Contents, Introduction and Chapters 1-6. September, 2012 (PDF 865 K)

2nd release (PDF 361k)

3rd release (PDF 587k)


Entry Title: Attachments to Arching Tales, Volume I (TBA)

Entry Title:  Cover Page/ Poster with May (TBA)

Entry Title:  Lifesharer’s Song (TBA)

Entry Title: Photos of Service and Support 1950s , 1960s, 1970s (TBA)

Arching Tales book cover